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Basics 3 was formed in 2004, but our experience goes well beyond that.  We have two principals with combined experience of more than 50 years working with companies large and small.  We also are connected to a multi-national network of professionals we leverage on behalf of our clients.  We are headquartered in Chicago, but work with companies located throughout the US and overseas.  A partial client list is included on our home page, and we’ve worked with a number of other companies including United Airlines, Baxter, BP, Getco, Bank of America, ACT, Shell and Coors.

We work at several levels.  We explore how organizations and their employees think, feel and work.  We help management consider leadership issues and how to communicate effectively to their organizations.  We work hands-on with staff to execute programming.  And we collaborate with managers throughout organizations to help them deliver results.  As we do our work, we typically help build internal resources so we eventually work ourselves either out of a job, or into a new capacity to help.

We work with most clients for the long-haul, but can address short-term needs as well.  We are happy to partner with other consultants and service providers to get the job done. 

Feel free to contact us to get an answer to a question, ask for some fast advice, arrange a meeting, or simply explore how we might be able to help.

You might also be interested in our book, published by Jossey-Bass, and available on Amazon.com and in bookstores.  Click the icon to the left for for information.

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